Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

“For you have been my hope, o sovereign lord, my confidence since my youth. Psalm 71:5

Key area of any community, organization and churches is the youth. In churches many must come to grips with the reality that lf the youth ministry foundation ls not solid to with stand the emotional trial and circumstances, the feature of church may likely fall apart in the future.

So base on this fact, we at Faith Assembly International ministry has fortified our youth ministry with biblical training and tactic where teens will openly communicate their hopes, dream pears and struggles and move in their spiritual gifts. There is accountability, support and encouragement flouring through the fabric of this group. Youth team to include.

  1. Providing training program for youth and those involved in youth ministry.
  2. Providing missions opportunities for exposure to evangelism.
  3. Providing resources for evangelism.
  4. Perpetuating spiritual growth through ministries and events geared towards youth.
  5. Engaging youth and churches in mission and ministry through sheaves for Christ.
  6. Sometimes sports.


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